Vems är rösten i journalsystemet?

Läkaren Emily Silverman i NY Times om tonen i det digitala journalsystemet Epic:

”Who is Epic? I try to imagine. Perhaps a clean-shaven man who wears square-toed shoes and ill-fitting business suits. He follows the stock market. He uses a PC. He watches crime dramas. He never bends the rules. He lives in a condominium and serves on the board of directors. He rolls his shirts into tubes and arranges them by color in his drawers.
When you bring cookies to work, he politely declines because he is on a keto diet. He sails.
And he doesn’t know his audience.

Our Hospital’s New Software Frets About My ‘Deficiencies’ (NY Times, 1 nov 2019)

Epic är ett av de största journalsystemen i USA, och anses vara bättre än många andra: ett vanlig benämning på det är ”cream of the crap” (en satirisk anspelning på uttrycket ”cream of the crop”).

Epic har ibland obegripliga, ibland rent brutala sätt att uttrycka sig:

”Checking in on a beloved patient who was hospitalized? Enter his chart and an accusatory pop-up may appear: ’Deceased Patient Warning: You are entering the medical record of a deceased patient. Are you sure you want to proceed?’ This can be a jarring way to hear the news. But Epic offers no condolences, no empathy, no acknowledgment that doctors, too, have beating hearts. (…)

A more humane version of Epic would take a different tone. In the absence of a true emergency, its colors and symbols would be neutral, even tranquil. Deceased-patient warnings would recognize the emotional impact of a life lost. 
Deficiencies and delinquencies would become incomplete tasks, and pop-ups would float into view as small islands of empathy, like the system’s periodic emails. (’Thank you for all of your hard work.’)
But until then, the voice of the program itself — urgent, intimidating and tinged with allegation — will continue to contribute to the profession’s growing sense of despair.”

I USA har utbrändhet klassats som en ”nationell epidemi”. Epic har inte fått insteg i Sverige, men Danmark valde Epic för sin ”Sundhetsplatform”, med katastrofala resultat: se Lost in translation: Epic goes to Denmark (Politico, 6 juni 2019).